Bryan Peterson - Sessions

Photowalk Dubai had the opportunity to interview Bryan Peterson during his recent visit to Dubai. Questions, some technical and some light hearted, few from the members and few from the Photowalk Dubai team were sportively answered by Bryan during the late night outing.
At Photowalk Dubai, we strive to think different, create unique content and experiment with various concepts, 'Photowalk Dubai - Sessions' is a result of one such endeavour. We will have many more of such interviews of renown photographers, both local and international, in coming months. 

Question 1 - Your photographs are mostly simple yet very catchy, you have a very different perspective of looking at the usual. How do you do that ?
Photowalk Dubai Sessions - Bryan Peterson from Photowalk Dubai

Here's a teaser of our very first 'Session', as we fine tune the final output of the interview.

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