What The Fog

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fog in Dubai is a natural wonder on epic scale. The collision of ultra modern skyscrapers with the dense fog and the drama that unfolds is truly spectacular to watch.

I have been wanting to shoot fog for over 3 years but never managed to get on rooftop when the D-day arrived. Always late to the party ;)

Fast forward to December 2016, I finally had my share. I spent almost every second night on roof top waiting for fog and it sure was worth it. (minus the dark circles) ;)

As said earlier, its been 3 years of waiting, to put it in perspective, let me call it '1000 days of perseverance'. Finally, the "FOG" shots are done and dusted. 

Now that I knew the pain and disapponitment involved in getting to rooftops,  didn't want this spectacle to be a selfish endeavor. Was happy to take number of friends to cover the event, all of whom have done magnificent job in creating their memories.

Now answering the question thats been asked over and over again...

"How to get access to rooftops?"

Im not a rooftop photographer, safe to say, I'm not an expert at this. But here's my 2 cents,

Firstly, there's no shortcuts. Those who have access have put in sweat and time to secure their spots.  If you haven't got access yet, it just translates to "you haven't worked hard enough". Its important to work towards it way in advance than on the day fog shows up. If someone else can, you too can. Rather than be ignorant or disappointed, its better to work your way up, even if that takes 1000 days or more, like in my case. Its always sweeter when its earned.

I cannot complete this blog without thanking Baber Afzal and Sabah Saleem - you very well know why ;) 

For now, I'm eagerly waiting for the next session in coming months, when fog rolls by just before summer. 

Until then, keep hunting :) 

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