Personal Favourites - Travel Portraits - 2016

Monday, January 09, 2017

What could be more simple and yet very complex, obvious and yet so profound but a portrait. 

I enjoy portrait photography, its one of those genres I strongly connect to. The overall process of meet-greet-chat-create is quite satisfying as a whole. Its said, portraiture is a window to the soul and thats exactly what I try to achieve as a photographer with each portrait I make. 

Presenting my Top 12 portraits from 2016. 

'Impersonator' - Pushkar, India

'Angel' - Bogdang, India

'Fading Away' - Hemis, India

'Free Spirit' - Varanasi, India

'Composure' - Varanasi, India

'Pride' - Hemis, India

'The Holy One' - Varanasi, India

'Dignity' - Hemis, India

'Be The Tribe' - Hemis, India

'Pure' - Ladakh, India

'Content' - Varanasi, India

'Where eyes do the talking' - Turtuk, India

And that concludes the 3 segment 'Top 12 picks of 2016'. 

In case you missed, make sure to check out previous countdown :

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