Personal Favourites - Dubai - 2016

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Year 2016 was, in one word - Fantastic.

Lots of travel, new friends, great memories and a good collection of satisfying images.

Here's a look back at my personal favorites, which I will break into three segments.

A. Top 12 - Dubai
B. Top 12 - Travel & Street.
C. Top 12 - Travel Portraits.

Presenting below my 'Top 12' photographs from 2016, all of which are shot in #MyDubai ;)

'Modern Living'

'Unsung Heroes'

'Tiny Creatures'

'Choose Your Adventure'


'If I were a bird, I would use my wings and fly, just to know freedom isn't a lie' 


'Close encounters of a third kind'

'Galactica Dubai'

'Silent Night'


'Unreal Estate'

Coming up next, Top 12 images from my travel journey... 

Heres to more learning and unlearning...

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