72 Hours in Ladakh

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ladakh has been a second home in many ways. Having been there several times in last couple of years, its always a very personal and fulfilling journey visiting the foot hills of the mighty Himalaya and breathing in the pure air, a welcome change to the hustle bustle of Dubai. 

This short film serves to relive my experience from the last trip in May 2016. Since I had just about 3 days ( recce trip ), had to make most of it, which meant hiring Royal Enfield, so I could move at my own pace without any timeframe. Its been years since I been on bike, which was very evident with couple of falls on first day 
Video is mostly shot with GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4 with few clips filmed with Fujifilm X-Pro2 and X-T1. Isn't the easiest of jobs to shoot videos as it not only interferes with my photography but also due to fatigue caused by thin air of high altitude, which kind of makes one lazy and tired at the same time. 
Thanks to Fujifilm Middle East for lending me all the gears I requested for and most importantly for Instax Prints. I believe in little joys and travel photography is all about that. Handing over prints to the monks at various monasteries I visited during the course of 3 days, printed instantly via Fujifilm Instax and the smile that followed on their face, was truly priceless. 
Now that I would be visiting Ladakh again on a 9 day trip in July 2016, I can't wait to create a better version of this movie.
More soon...

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