Personal Favorites – Portrait Photography - 2015

Monday, January 11, 2016

My previous blog featured 'Top 12' photographs from 2015 under the category of Travel & Streets. Now presenting the genre which makes me a happy kiddo - Portrait Photography. 

When I shoot portraits, the person being framed feels special but what's more interesting about portrait photography is 'I FEEL SPECIAL'. 

Like Oscar Wilde rightly quoted, "Every Portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist and not of the sitter". 

'Spirituality' - 'Seto Gompa, Nepal

'Simplicity' - Turtuk, India 

'Saffron Seer' - Pashupathinath, Nepal

'Smiling Angel' - Bhakthapur, Nepal

'Divine' - Hemis Monastery, Leh, India. 

'Innocence' - Turtuk, Ladakh, India. 

'Enlightened' - Kumbh Mela, Nashik, India. 

'Eye Of A Tiger' - Pushkar Mela, India. 

'Protected' - Sonamarg, Kashmir, India. 

'The Ladakhi Woman' - Hemis Monastery, Leh, India. 

'Camel Herder' - Pushkar Mela, India. 

'Thoughtful' - Hemis Monastery, Leh, India. 

So, those were my picks for the year 2015. 

Yet again, here's to 2016...

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